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How does hybrid Clutch work?

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:05 am
by SemiconductorCat
Hi all, how does the clutch in a hybrid car vary from a clutch in a normal

That clutuch looks like this, with inductors around. Could anybody explain me the mechanism.
Yes I know I have to email the company if there are no service manual or product datasheet but
does anybody simply know. It doesn't hurt asking.

Re: How does hybrid Clutch work?

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:44 am
by Neo
Sandun, seems like these are ordinary + induction clutches. If you look in to induction clutches, I hope it will make more sense. One of the descriptions I found on that is as below.
An induction brake or clutch capable of producing high torques over prolonged periods without excessive heating. The braking currents are generated in low resistance windings and dissipated in external higher resistance members so that the heat does not detrimentally effect the device. Permanent magnets are employed to generate flux and reduce the heat normally generated internally by exciting currents. Poles on a stationary member are arranged in two axially adjacent rings which are relatively circumferentially movable at least one pole pitch so that the torque may be readily adjusted. In a preferred embodiment the rotating member has permanent and electromagnet exciting field poles for the low resistance windings and other windings excited by stationary permanent magnets connected to the electromagnets through a rectifier.

Re: How does hybrid Clutch work?

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:13 pm
by SemiconductorCat
Thanks for your quick reply.

It's conventional device and 60 years ago technology. It's nothing new. This is happening to me when I'm trying to
reverse engineer some mechanical design without a service manual. I encounter this originally inside a Ryobi printing
press. And did related searches around it on google and found that automobile industry uses such kinda device.
I seriously lack mechanical engineering experience/expertise. However that's enough I spend my time as a mechanic.
Now what I need is design and model the suff. However I already fixed it.Press is working well BN.

Mean time I've completely dig into the wiki page you mention, But it's reference external link section is empty.
Now I know what is that device. now I want a reference design to study more and it's model. I have the basic
working principle now.

Am I lacking some prerequisites, something like elementary machine design ,
>> ... 1000030526

But I've studies basic engineering mathematics in level 3 and A and B courses and mechanical drawing course.
Anyway if you suggest me another prerequisite let me know. I'm studying computer engineering at OUSL.
and only just almost finished BIT.So no mecha engineering at all.

Requesting further help if you could assist me. Thanks.
Thanks in advance.

Re: How does hybrid Clutch work?

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:43 pm
by Neo
Thought your question is out of topic, I thought to answer. Basically do whatever you love. If you love programming, just do it. Do it with a passion, do it with your fullest concentration. My advise is to do one at a time. Complete one and move to next. As soon as you have finished your education, you need to find a job in the field of your interest. The real lessons are taught at your job. Do it with a passion. At the end of the you need to live happily which is the most important thing in life.

With regard to OUSL Engineering degree, as per my knowledge, there is only few who completes this. Whoever completes it considered to be a genius. It is that hard as I heard from people. So concentrate 100% on completing this with highest possible results. BIT is good from a side line. Together both degrees will surely take you to your expected career.