How to make a Engineering Student Glider DIY

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How to make a Engineering Student Glider DIY

Post by SemiconductorCat » Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:44 am

Hi ,
I'm not talking about a complete population RC aircraft or Rocket motor driven hobby craft or something.
I just wants to make a simple glider.


But I just need to do experiments with the aerodynamics /Basic Engineering mathematics differential equations and
model them with a opensource or software like mathlab.

What kind of startup book I should follow?
I've searched on the internet but I could not find a DIY guide on how to make the design.
I have lots of raw materials and cutting machines too.

What kind of additional programming languages I should learn ,something like Maple? Parallel processing
algorithms. What kind of other prerequisites which I need to do experiments with this?

anyway these days I'm already on a project. In December I'm going to finish my current project. So take your time
and please make a reply here, if you play with those differential equations. And I'm near the beach and there are lots
of wind naturally available so I could go there and play with it.

So I don't think I need to be a PHD student of computational fluid dynamics to simply model something
and make it work. Anybody did something like that pls share.
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