Problems with TI 28X Development Boards ...

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Problems with TI 28X Development Boards ...

Post by Magneto » Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:47 pm

IF you are working with TI 28X Development boards , some times , you may difficult to connect the board to the
emulator. Most probably you are end up with the folowing message ..

Unrecoverable emulation error Sequence ID: 16 Error Code: -1145
Error Class: 0x00001020
Failed to remove the debug state from the target before disconnecting.
There may still be breakpoint opcodes embedded in program memory. It is
recommended that you reset the emulator before you connect and reload your
program before you continue debugging.

These are the possible soultions to recover from the above state .........

(1) Remove the JTAG from the board and power off the board. Then Connect the JTAG again and power on the board.
Try this several times , until the board is connected.
(2) Disconnet all the external circuits and power supplies from the development board and then try to connect the board.
(3) Install the JTAG drivers again and try to connet the board.

From my three years experice with TI 28X boards , one of this option should work , unless there is damage to the hardware
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