My Now Knowledge of Math in BIT

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My Now Knowledge of Math in BIT

Post by Nipuna » Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:27 pm


First of all I must thank you Guys. :)

I asked so many Questions in Here



And Also Here

Now I have Understanding of those. Thank to you guys. :)

But I still have 3 Topics to cover. And In Here I still have Doubts Boolean I know those Laws but what I don't get is Doing calculations with them like in Those Questions. I can Do one or two but not all.

And I still have Doubts with Questions like 12 In Here

And Proving things in Functions.

But I am Happy and I think I will Understand those in the Future.

And the Topics I still have to learn are,

Techniques of Counting

And Doing calculations with Boolean Variables. I know Laws of it and adding and Multiplying things.

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